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Your Board

The South Seminole Heights Civic Association conducts board elections biannually. Positions on the board include President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and three Delegates at Large positions. Duties for each position are outlined in our by-laws section of the website.

Elections were last held in December 2022 for the 2023-24 term. Our next election will be held in late 2024. Our current board members are listed below.

Your Committees


 Promote the improvement of the residential areas within the boundaries of the SSHCA; facilitate enhancement of neighborhood parks and greenspaces;  encourage preservation efforts; and to encourage neighborhood friendly commercial uses in the commercial corridors.

Chair: Vacant

Neighborhood Watch

Facilitate awareness of crime watch activities; communication between existing watch groups; support the expansion of watch groups in the South Seminole Heights area; communicate to the membership and executive board meeting places and times.

Chair: Amy Scott


Plan and execute SSHCA events on a regular basis. The committee will work with the Board of Directors, Membership, and other stakeholders to create awareness and engagement in SSHCA sponsored events.

Chair: Vacant

Heights Unites

Plan and execute the Heights Unites Music & Arts Festival annually. Committee chair is responsible for developing goals, a planning committee, sponsorship/business partnerships, working closely to meet all city/county/state obligations, communicating with the SSHCA Board, and attending SSHCA Board/General meetings.

Chair: Vacant

Land Use

Review all public filings for zoning changes, reclassifications, and other land development within South Seminole Heights. The committee will obtain, and review City of Tampa Land Development Staff Reports to verify Residential Overlay District guidelines have been met. The committee will present to the Board of Directors, and the General Membership regular updates and reports.

Chair: Tony Perilla


Communicate via newsletters, fliers, and other media to the members of SSHCA, residents of South Seminole Heights, and owners of property in South Seminole Heights the time and location of meetings and events. To publish The Banner on a quarterly basis as the official publication of the SSHCA as long as the necessary funding, resources, staff and interest is available.

Chair: Vacant

Let Your Voice Be Heard

See a position or committee you are passionate about? Join the board or volunteer with us today.


Send us an email detailing your area of interest and we will do our best to connect you with the appropriate party.

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